Select Interviews & Writing (with links)

“Atrapadas en un ciclo, viviendo en una espiral / Caught in the cycle, living in the spiral,” Naomi Fisher conversation with A.L. Steiner, Terremoto (2020)

“2020 DIY Index,” Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, Burnaway (2020)

“3 Poems Making a Case to Care for Planet Earth” Harper’s Bazaar (2020)

“Fallen Woman, Naomi Fisher in Conversation with Dorothée Dupuis,” Terremoto (2016)

“The Underline Taps Miami’s Most Revered Artists” Goyanes, Rob, Cultured Magazine (2016)

“When I want Live, I want Live” Naomi Fisher on a Martha Graham Dance Company performance at the Duncan Theater in Lake Worth, FL. The Miami Rail (2015)

“Dancarchy | Naomi Fisher, Interview with Geir Haraldseth,” Dis Magazine (2014)

“500 Words: Naomi Fisher,” Artforum (2011)

“Swamp of Sagittarius at Art Basel Uses Astrologers to Predict Your Future,” by Liz Tracy, Miami New Times  (2015)

“Buy More or Sell Your Art? The Answer’s in the Stars,” by Emerson Rosenthal, Vice (2015)

“Local artist Naomi Fisher’s massive frieze installation,” by Brett Sokol, Ocean Drive (2015)

“Naomi Fisher at Home Alone 2,” by Stephanie Strasnick, Art News (2014)

“Miami New Times, Naomi Fisher: Creative Soul,” by Liz Tracy (2014)

“In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States,” LACMA (2012)

“Visiting Artists | Naomi Fisher,” by Johnny Misheff, New York Times TMagazine  (2012)

“QQ1 With Artist Naomi Fisher,” by Timothy Hull, Huffington Post  (2011)

“Out There | Miami’s ‘It’ Couple,” by Kevin McGarry, New York Times TMagazine  (2011)

“Untreated Strangeness,” by Jon Leon, Art in America  (2009)

The Last Magazine, by Aimee Walleston (2009)

“QUESTIONNAIRE: JIM DRAIN AND NAOMI FISHER,” by Alex Gartenfeld, Interview Magazine (2008)

“ART IN REVIEW; Palette,” by Roberta Smith, New York Times  (2006)