Tomio Koyama Gallery (2009)

Among the photographs in the exhibition are ones of familiar subjects: empowered underwear-clad, nature-loving ladies, as well as, perhaps less familiar, images of a more modest (subdued) nature, exploring everyday subjects; little nonchalant gems interspersed throughout the walls. The variety of subjects shown in these images emphasize Fisher’s diverse point of view. As a departure from Fisher’s previous work, the new paintings in the exhibition will place the viewer in the midst of Fisher’s train of thought, derived from her subconscious, dreams, and her own photography. By displaying such a multitude of photographs alongside new paintings, the installation creates an environment that provides a multi-layered visual journey into Fisher’s world.

Agatha Wara

Line In The Sand presents never before seen photographs from Fisher’s personal photo-archives. Images captured over the last 10 years, as well as new paintings. Over 180 photographs have been selected by artist and curator Agatha Wara and will be reproduced as an installation wallpapering the entire gallery space. Alongside Fisher’s paintings create a relationship between the direct documentation of the photographs and the inner world explored in her paintings.